Monday, August 27, 2018

Superfoods Can Help Prevent Thyroid Issues?!

Thyroid problems can be very troublesome for anyone, maintaining a healthy diet and following some other general rules can truly go a long way towards your overall health and preventing thyroid issues as you age. Thyroid issues tend to hit later on in life, but staying on top of your diet from any age is a great move towards increasing your body's overall health. You can't beat that! 

We all know that in order to maintain a healthy body, you must follow some logical guidelines. Plan three or more exercise sessions into your week and plan to spend 30 minutes, at least, on each session. To keep your body hydrated - which is very important - you have to drink enough water. You have to have a good mix of healthy foods in your diet because variety keeps your diet balanced and pallet from going bland. That's all fine and good, but what if you want to give your immune system a little boost? Is it flu season in your part of the world? Are you not feeling up to par? No doubt you have been told that there are "superfoods" that can power up your immune system. Are there really foods such as these? Of course, there are! Read on to learn about three "superfoods" that can help make your immune system stronger and help you be healthier for longer.

Turkey is one of the best things you can eat when you want to keep your immune system strong. Sorry vegans and vegetarians, but this is the truth. We've all had the fact drummed into our heads that it's better to eat lean cuts of meat, preferably not red meat. The benefit of turkey is that it contains glutamine in high levels. Glutamine protects the health of your white blood cells and they depend on it to be supplied in adequate quantities. Another benefit of eating turkey is that it helps raise your T cell count. This is another important factor to the health and strength of your immune system. Did you know that one of the best natural superfoods are mushrooms? Scientists in The Netherlands have found that mushrooms naturally boost your immune system and help you stay healthy. Mushrooms are especially important to your digestion whenever you are ill, because your metabolites break down. One of the nicest things about mushrooms is that it is really easy to incorporate them into everything you make. There are so many ways you can include mushrooms in your meals. They can be sliced, minced, ground, or added to soups and stews. You don't even have to do anything to mushrooms to enjoy their great taste. Mushrooms, as you can see, are very versatile.

A delicious way to boost your immune system is to eat baked sweet potatoes - a great superfood. Beta-carotene is an important ingredient for maintaining the health and strength of your immune system, and this is what sweet potatoes provide you. You can also find beta-carotene in other veggies - such as carrots - but the sweet potato is at the top of the list of versatility in how you can use it. Don't just make your sweet potato casserole for the holidays. Serve it several times throughout the year. Do you like homemade french fries? Try making them with sweet potatoes! Mashed sweet potatoes instead of mashed potatoes are a nice treat for your family. You won't have a problem finding recipes to use for cooking sweet potatoes. If you check online, you will come across literally hundreds.  

The number of superfoods being discovered and talked about grows each day. There are superfoods to help aid just about any health condition, including strengthening your immune system. Most of these foods are ones you already eat from time to time in your regular diet. Others are easily incorporated into your diet or the foods you already prepare. We have talked about a few of those foods in this article. Nevertheless, this is just the start of foods you can discover to make your immune system stronger. If you keep searching, you will find many superfoods to help you maintain your health and the strength of your immune system. Eating well is such an easy thing to do and so important to your health as you age. Keep your body and thyroid all happy, and you'll reap the rewards! 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Thyroid NC

How common are thyroid issues?

Women- They are 8x more likely to develop thryoid issues than men. Women are eight times more likely to develop thyroid disorders than men, although thyroid disorders are becoming increasingly common for men as well. According to the American Thyroid Association, an estimated 20 million people in the United States are suffering from some type of thyroid dysfunction, and more than half are unaware of it. A fact that is commonly overlooked by mainstream medical professionals, is that the loss of testosterone and estrogen as we age is intricately connected to thyroid problems. It naturally follows that treating patients with bioidentical hormones goes hand in hand with restoring proper thyroid function. Read more about Thyroid NC!